Alsaker Group post operating profit of €60 million in 2017

The Alsaker Group in Norway, which is the parent company to Alsaker Fjordbruk, achieved an operating profit of €60.3 million in 2017.

With a turnover of €169.8 million, the operating margin amounts to 35 percent for the company with five smolt production facilities, 22 salmon production licenses and a slaughter plant.

In 2017 the group produced 31,000 tonnes of salmon, as opposed to 32,500 tonnes the previous year.

“Production-wise, 2017 has been on the weak side for the group. Both production volume and slaughter volume have declined slightly compared to 2016. Growth has been reduced in connection with de-lousing of salmon,” CEO and owner Gerhard Alsaker wrote in a comment on the result.

“The international salmon market has been typified by strong demand also in 2017. Global supply of Atlantic salmon has increased by around two percent while the average export price for salmon from Norway was reduced by around five percent compared with the previous year”.

Group shareholder equity at the close of the year was entered on the accounts at €169.8 million – which amounts to an equity ratio of 58 percent.


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