At the start of 2017, the salmon price was at its highest, at almost €8.57 per kilo. Since then, the price has fallen from €8.54 in January to €5.46 in mid-September, according to Finansavisen.

“We can expect a short-term fall in prices this autumn since salmon farmers have more control over salmon lice. However, in the long run it is difficult to ensure that salmon production will be able to meet demand growth,” Aandahl told the newspaper.

Aandahl pointed out that other salmon-producing countries are most likely not able to produce as much in volume, and therefore demand will increase in the coming years.

“There are many reasons why we will still see high salmon prices for the next 5-10 years. I believe in a continually-rising salmon price, but it is clear that a lower and stable salmon price will help to increase consumption. And for the market, it’s most worth increasing the volumes sold, rather than the price,” he said.