Analysts expect Mowi to harvest 110,000 tonnes of salmon in the fourth quarter

Editorial staff

High harvest volume in the end of 2019.

Mowis’ trading update for the last quarter of 2019 is soon to be launched. The analysts who follow the company are expecting an operating profit of EUR 181 million for the fourth quarter of 2019 and sales of EUR 1,107 million.

Analysts expect an average harvest volume of 110,000 tonnes in the fourth quarter, 64,900 tonnes in Norway, writes TDN Direct, which refers to brokerage estimates obtained from Infront Data.

The operating profit pr. kilo in the Norwegian farming division is expected to be raised to EUR 2.07 in the quarter, while the Chilean farming division are anticipated to provide an operating profit of EUR 1.06 per kilo. In the seafood business in Scotland the prediction is EUR 1.52 pr. kilo, while for the Canada division the forecast is EUR 0.47 pr. kilo.

The annual netto profit prediction for 2019 is EUR 0.79 (NOK 7.81) pr. share. In 2020 the expectation is that the price will rise to EUR 1.35 (NOK 13.35) pr. share.


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