Andfjord Salmon on target for first smolt release at the end of June

Land-based salmon farmer Andfjord Salmon has announced that preparations are underway ahead of the company’s first smolt release, with plans on target for it to take place at the end of June.

The salmon smolts will be released into the company’s first pool at Kvalnes, Norway, moving the company closer to its goal of creating a sustainable and fish-friendly facility.

“We are building a land-based facility on the salmon’s terms, and our set-up is based on the idea of recreating the natural habitat of the fish. We have also applied this philosophy when planning the smolt release in late June, as it coincides with the wild salmon’s migration period here at Andøya,” Andfjord Salmon CEO Martin Rasmussen said.

“The smolts are being conditioned to benefit from the increasing amount of natural daylight and rising temperatures when they are released into our sea pool,” Rasmussen added.

“We have conducted a continuous and complete technical and organizational simulation during this period, to make sure that all technology, equipment and personnel are well prepared for the smolt release. Biological sensors have been installed, the cleaning robots have been extensively tested, back-up systems and plans have been trialed, and the pipeline that will receive the fish has been put in place. I am pleased and proud that everything has gone according to plan,” Rasmussen stated.

The pool has been operation since earlier this year and has been running 24/7 since to ensure that it is ready for the smolt release.

“The first month is a critical time for the smolts and we will be closely monitoring their feed response, health, and growth rates. We will reserve around 20 percent of their daily feed to be distributed by hand, as this is the best way to observe behavior. Visual monitoring is as important as what goes on in the control room,” Chief Operations Officer Christian Torgersen said.



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