Andreassen buys shares in Atlantic Sapphire in show of confidence after emergency harvest

Aslak Berge

On the same day that the land-based salmon farmer reported losing a lot of fish in Florida, Johan E. Andreassen, founder and chairman of Atlantic Sapphire, goes against the stream and buys stocks.

In an announcement on Wednesday on the Olso Stock Exchange, Johan E. Andreassen, Chairman and primary insider in Atlantic Sapphire acquired 1,500 shares in Atlantic Sapphire through JEA Invest, a company controlled by Andreassen, at an average price per share of NOK 113.0.

Following this transaction, Johan E Andreassen through JEA Invest holds 1,073,770 shares and 111,188 options in Atlantic Sapphire, corresponding to 1.5 per-cent of the total shares outstanding in the Company.

In addition, Johan E Andreassen through Alsco, a company owned together with Atlantic Sapphire co-founder Bjørn Vegard Løvik, holds 9,459,849 shares in the company, corresponding to 13.3 per-cent of the total shares.

Earlier today, it was announced that Atlantic Sapphire had to harvest 200,000 fish, equivalent to 400 tonnes. Of this, 250 tonnes of salmon will have to be destroyed.


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