Animal rights activists block UK’s largest inland fish market

Protesters shut down main entrance to Billingsgate Fish Market in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Early on Saturday morning, 300 people went to Billingsgate Fish Market to protest in the name of Animal Rebellion, an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion (XR), which is currently leading a series of protests across the capital.

Posting on its Facebook page, Animal Rebellion claims that it wants the Government to lead a ‘transition to a just, sustainable plant-based food system’. The group said it stands in ‘solidarity’ with the climate change campaigners Extinction Rebellion.

Animal Rebellion claimed that 28 people were arrested for disrupting.

The UK’s largest inland fish market sells around 25,000 tonnes of produce through its East End merchants.

However, despite the disruption may not have had the effect on the fish market protesters had hoped.

According to Twitter user @onetokebloke, most fish buyers did all their business the day before: “Most traders knew they were coming & did all there buying yesterday & Saturday is mostly for the general public after 7am, so who they hurting?”


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