“AQS Tor” is being towed to finish completion

Aslak Berge

Going to shipyard Moen Verft in Kolvereid, Central Norway, for repair.

It was launched early. And had a brutal encounter, battling a storm as well as 15-18m high waves in the Norwegian Sea.

The 24-metre long workboat “AQS Tor” was not completed when it was thrown off the cargo deck of the cargo ship “Eemslift Hendrika”.

Photo: Sören Riegel

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But it ended well, for both “AQS Troll” and the cargo ship “Eemslift Hendrika”.

The former was towed, this time in glorious sunshine and quiet sea, to Florø, Western Norway, where it has been inspected by the shipping company and boat builder.

Now it will be towed north, to the shipyard at Kolvereid.

“On Sunday morning the tow of “AQS Tor” started from Florø to Kolvereid. The sister ship “Troll” is the tugboat,” AQS head of communications Ove Magne Ribsskog told SalmonBusiness.

“They are expected to arrive at Kolvereid on Tuesday afternoon,” he added.


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