AQS vessel, worth EUR 6.6 million, has been torn off the deck of the “Eemslift Hendrika”

Aslak Berge

The 24-metre workboat has fallen off.

The Coast Guard ship Sortland is now arriving at the site of “Eemslift Hendrika”, and reports that AQS’ brand new green-painted service vessel has fallen off the cargo ship.

There is still a risk that the ship may edge and sink, reports the Norwegian Coastal Administration.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration is in close dialogue with the shipping company about salvage, but bad weather in the area is making the salvage operation difficult.

The AQS workboat has been found floating about a mile from the “Eemslift Hendrika”, according to TV2.

Photo: TV2

There are up to 15m high waves, and the ship is heading towards Stad, Western Norway, which is infamous for shipwrecks. With currents and heavy winds, the vessel may reach the coast in about a day and a half, but it risks getting crushed.

Work is now underway on what measures will be taken to prevent environmental damage.

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