Aqua Gen to ramp up roe production in Norway

Salmon Business

Trondheim-based Aqua Gen, a business of Germany’s Ew Group, is investing EUR 8.8 million to expand its Barstadvik hatchery and brood-stock facility by adding 2,700 more square meters and 20,000 ova a year.

A first phase of construction is expected to start in May 2018, but that’s just part of an Aqua Gen plan that could trigger investment of up to EUR 51.5 million in later rounds of building, writes newspaper More Nytt.

“Who would have thought, from those humble beginnings, when we started in an abandoned gravel pit,” Profunda manager, Helge Ressem, was quoted by the newspaper as saying.

Once the second stage of production is finished, Profunda will have the whole salmon lifecycle in its own facility. The installation Profunda already runs by then be able to operate year-round.

“It’s our long-term goal. The drawings are ready. But, it’s likely to take a little more time before it’s realized. But, with great demand in the market, and an owner ready to invest, everything’s in place to make it real within 10 years,” Ressem was quoted as saying.

Aqua Gen also owns a business in Chile and locally based hatchery and nursery operator, Profunda. Aqua Gen earned a pre-tax profit of EUR 10.1 million kroner in 2017 on turnover that accrued in the year to EUR 48.9 million.

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