AquaChile adds new wellboat to fleet

editorial staff

Chilean wellboat builder has made “EIR” for salmon farmer.

In a press release, AquaChile writes that it has entered into an exclusive contract with Detroit to operate a new wellboat. The company now has a fleet of 12 wellboats that are now operating under contract.

This ship, which was built by Detroit at its shipyard in Brazil. It will begin operations next Monday between the Aysén region and the Los Lagos region. This wellboat, called “EIR”, is a larger ship that will carry 270 tonnes of live salmon on every trip.

“We hope this ship will help us continue to serve our facilities with the best possible raw material, with very high biosecurity measures, and with good environmental performance,” said AquaChile’s operations, logistics and supply manager Leonardo González.

Based in Puerto Montt, southern Chile, Detroit has been making vessels, as well as offering logistical backup to the Chilean aquaculture industry, since 2000.


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