AquaChile and Blumar sign pact with workers

Motivated by unions following a series of disengagement from last year, they agreed on eight points with the companies.

The Chilean newspaper Portal del Campo reports this after using Diario Financiero as source.

Five thousand workers were dismissed after the bloom of algae occured in the summer of 2016 in the south of Chile.

After that, SalmonChile began a dialogue with the National Coordinator of Workers of the Salmon and Allied Industries. The union emerged after the crises with the objective of avoiding further reductions in employment.

Will strenghten labor relations
Now AquaChile and Blumar hass signed agreements for cooperation and strengthening labor relations.

Both companies have committed themselves to eight issues, where the main ones are to promote measures to strengthen labor stability, reduce contracts for temporary work, improve conditions for own and subcontracted employees, generate a social platform, protect maternity, take insurance against natural disasters and crises Market, as well as establishing mutual societies and social policies.

Seeks to avoid inequities of income by gender
“We share with the workers the concern for decent and quality jobs, such as those generated by salmon farming. The concern to protect the stability of their jobs was born from the workers themselves, which speaks of the sustainability required by the industry, “said Agustín Ugalde, general manager of AquaChile.

Another measure that is included will impact within the female labor force. In Blumar, this represents 60% of the total. “It will seek to avoid inequities of income by gender before equal works or to favor one or another gender for their recruitment,” they said.


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