AquaChile CEO resigns as it officially starts operating as new single company

World’s second largest salmon farmer now in full steam.

AquaChile’s board of directors informed the company on Tuesday it had received notice of Agustín Ugalde’s resignation from the position of CEO, reports La Tercera.

Agustín Ugalde passed the baton to Sady Delgado PHOTO AquaChile

Agustín Ugalde cited personal reasons for leaving the company and now the former Los Fiordos CEO Sady Delgado, who was chosen back in March, is officially at the helm.

This comes on the day that the mega salmon farmer celebrated its official launch as new company AquaChile, comprised of Los Fiordos, Friosur, and Salmones Magallanes. AquaChile now has a production capacity of 200 thousand tonnes of salmon.

The departure of Ugalde comes after a series of changes after Agrosuper officially closed the USD 850 million acquisition of AquaChile in January to become the world’s second-biggest salmon farmer.

At the end of January, AquaChile announced the departure of all its former board members. This was made up of Bernardo Fontaine, Alejandro Perez, Mario Humberto Puchi, Jorge Andres Tagle, Humberto Jose Fischer and salmon industry veteran Víctor Hugo Puchi.

Delgado will lead a new team seven corporate managers led by José Manuel Schwerter (Production), Joachim Wessel (Services for Production), Vicente de la Cruz (Commercial), Juan Pablo Rodríguez (Industrial), Francisco Lepeley (Administration and Finance) and Javiera Salamanca (HR).


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