AquaChile CEO steps down from Agrosuper Managing Director role

editorial staff

The role will now be led by Gonzalo Vial Vial.

El Tipografo writes that CEO Agrosuper Jose Guzman Vial has stepped down from his role as Managing Director of the group following an extraordinary general meeting, and will join the company’s board of directors.

Guzman Vial will assume the role of vice president of the board of directors, while octogenarian founder Gonzalo Vial Vial will hold the president position.

Sady Delgado, boss of the salmon farming segment will report directly to the board.

Vial replaced replace veteran Thomas Puchi last year when the food conglomerate Agrosuper completed the acquisition (99.71%) of Aquachile to become the biggest salmon company in Chile, and the second largest in the world.

Gonzalo Vial Vial built up Agrosuper for more than 60 years and AquaChile. In 2018, SalmonBusiness reported that the family head has begun preparing for his departure by including his children in the process.


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