AquaChile claims it has opened the world’s largest salmon processing plant

editorial staff

Chilean salmon farmer expands plant which it says is now the most modern and largest salmon plant in the world, with an annual production capacity of 140 thousand tonnes.

In a press release, AquaChile – which was acquired by Chilean food giant Agrosuper for USD 850 million in January – has opened its new salmon processing plant in Quellon, Los Lagos, which it says is the most modern and largest in the world.

To compare, the second-largest it said, is Mowi’s Morpol facility in Poland, which can process 90 thousand tonnes. AquaChile’s can process 140 thousand tonnes a year.

During 2019, AquaChile invested USD 21 million in the expansion of the plant and it can now processe 50% of the company’s production.

The remodeled plant has had 8 thousand extra square metres built and employs 1,000 workers.

“We are very happy with the work done in our Quellón process plant. It is a world-class installation, with cutting-edge technology, automation and control of production processes. In addition, we have the main certifications such as ISO, ASC, BAP, IFS, Halal and Kosher,” explained AquaChile Industrial Manager Juan Pablo Rodríguez.


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