AquaChile hires Jumbo Boeing 747 exclusively for salmon cargo

editorial staff

Flight from Chile to Miami exported 105 tonnes of salmon in one go.

On Wednesday night, the world’s second-largest salmon farmer AquaChile completed a cargo charter plane exclusively with its own salmon to the United States.

In a press release, it explained that this allowed the company to reduce its transit time and maintain its commercial commitments both in the United States and in China, despite the high demand shown today by the Santiago air terminal.

“Our company’s own volume, together with our logistic capacity, allows us to make decisions of this type, which are in direct benefit of our customers. We are reaching our customers in the destination markets faster and in better conditions,” said AquaChile Supply Chain Manager Matías Silva.

The plane, a Boeing 747 of the airline Atlas Air, made a direct flight to the United States with 105 tonnes of salmon, of which a good part of was its ultra-premium brand Verlasso.

“This operation is unique in Chile and it is the first time in history that a charter flight of these dimensions is set up exclusively for a salmon company. The cargo agency that managed this operation was Acosta and Aguayo, in conjunction with the Atlas Air airline. All this was possible thanks to the teamwork with the AquaChile logistics area,” said Silva.