AquaChile makes first dispatch of fresh salmon from Puerto Natales airport directly to the United States

editorial staff

Fish direct from the Magallanes Region is normally moved through Puerto Montt and Santiago.

In a press release, Chilean salmon farmer AquaChile (the world’s second-largest) writes that it has made the first fresh salmon dispatch from Puerto Natales airport directly to the United States.

From Puerto Natales to Los Angeles. MAP: Google

Usually, fresh salmon produced in the Southern Chilean Magallanes Region is moved through Puerto Montt, and then 1000km away to Santiago to be flown out. This is the first time fresh salmon has been dispatched by air from Natales Airport.

The order corresponded to a shipment of 2 tonnes of fresh salmon to Los Angeles. This operation is now part of a weekly flight program of shipments to destination markets that began operations in December.

“AquaChile has been working on this project for several months and means a milestone, as it allows us to significantly reduce the times from the place of origin of our fish, allowing us to give our customers in the world a salmon from the southernmost places with the greatest possible freshness in a transit time of two days. In addition, this improves the connectivity of the region, and gives impetus to the airport of Puerto Natales,” said AquaChile supply chain manager Matías Silva.


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