AquaChile names new CEO

Los Fiordos CEO Sady Delgado will be taking over.

Delgado will be at the helm of a powerful salmon empire that includes Los Fiordos, Friosur, AquaChile and Salmones Magallanes, reports La Tercera.

The Vial family company added that they now have a production capacity of 200 thousand tonnes of salmon.

Agrosuper, one of Chile’s top food producers, bought AquaChile for a USD 850 million mega acquisition last August. José Guzmán, current President of AquaChile and Agrosuper General Manager took over from veteran Thomas Puchi in January.

AquaChile is now the second largest salmon farmer in the world.

“We want to form a single large company, integrating human teams, brands, customer networks, production systems and information, among other aspects. This will allow us to generate synergies to make salmon production in Chile and the world more efficient and sustainable, contributing to the development of the geographical areas where we operate, delivering the highest levels of service to our customers, and offering a high product portfolio. added value,” said José Guzmán.


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