AquaChile president to “actively collaborate” in Agrosuper merger

Industry leader, Víctor Hugo Puchi, will likely still be involved.

The president of AquaChile responded to concerns about any changes to the upper and lower echelons of the company that he built up for over three decades after the recent purchase of his company.

The boss told the publication AQUA that: “I can not speak for others, but for my part I will continue to actively collaborate in the integration of the two companies, in the scope and time that is necessary.”

By “others”, Puchi meant the Fischer and Aguilera families who co-owned AquaChile.

As reported in AQUA, Puchi told the industry union, the Salmon, Related Branches, and Fisheries Workers Multiunion (MTSP) that:  “We truly care that the company that we formed during 30 years is in the hands of a Chilean businessman, with a strong economic support, leader in protein production, capable of guaranteeing the financial capacity to sustain the growth and development of our company and to avoid the productive cycles of this industry. But, above all, to provide opportunity and job stability to the AquaChile team that has accumulated talent and experience in these 30 years of leadership.”

He also added that he believed that both companies shared “several values.”

“We are leading companies in different business areas, seeking excellence and sharing a vision regarding the industry’s regulatory framework. But above all, we share an organisational culture that values ​​the team of people with vast experience who work with them,” he concluded.



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