Aquaculture recycling company reports record year with turnover of $2.9 million

Editorial Staff

The company collected 8,212 tons of fishing and aquaculture gear last year.

Fishing and aquaculture gear recycling company Nofir achieved a record turnover of NOK 31 million ($2.9 million) in 2023, marking the highest revenue in its history, with an operating profit of NOK 1.8 million ($170,000).

Øistein Aleksandersen, CEO of Nofir, highlighted the company’s significant progress.

“No one would have dared to imagine such numbers just a few years ago. We have worked very hard, and with the help of an increasingly conscious and active industry, we can now boast our best turnover to date,” he wrote in a press release on Tuesday.

The company collected 8,212 tons of fishing and aquaculture gear last year, spread across over 400 shipments primarily from Norway, but also from Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

In terms of specific items, Nofir’s collections included:

  • Fish farm nets – up 35% from 2022
  • Fishing nets – up 145% from 2022
  • Rope – up 75% from 2022
  • Tarpaulins – up 504% from 2022

“We find that many see us as an important part of their own work to become more circular and more sustainable. There is still a lot of plastic in circulation in the industry that can be recycled, and we have, among other things, focused on which materials and tools, such as nylon, are the easiest to recycle,” Aleksandersen said. 

“It has produced obvious results, and we are insanely proud that the industry is looking out for us and contributing with conscious choices to increase the amount of tools that are recycled.”


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