AquaMaof becomes strategic owner of Kvidul

editorial staff

The parties enter into a framework agreement on a long-term business relationship for land-based salmon farming to establish a 20,000 tonne RAS facility on Brennholmen in Åfjord municipality.

Located in Rosh Ha’ayin, east of Tel Aviv, AquaMaof Aquaculture Technologies is a pioneer in Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology.

“Kvidul views AquaMaof as a particularly important partner as a supplier of RAS technology, and is also pleased that AquaMaof has agreed to support Kvidul with financing by becoming a strategic co-owner of Kvidul, with certain reservations,” it said in a press release.

AquaMaof will deliver its RAS technology for an annual fish production of up to 20,000 tonnes on Brennholmen – which will be built in two phases, each with up to 10,000 tonnes annual production. In the first phase, a plant with an annual capacity of ten million smolts will also be delivered.

“AquaMaof has an uncomplicated tailor-made design that provides significant operational benefits. AquaMaof will also contribute with its operating experience and comprehensive support for a certain period after delivery of the facility, to ensure that equipment and technology work well and that our operating personnel receive a good training period.”

“We aim to acquire additional facilities from AquaMaof in accordance with Kvidul’s development plan. In addition, a collaboration agreement will be entered into between AquaMaof and Kvidul Aqua, linked to the Green Value Chain, which has been developed by Kvidul,” the report stated.

Kvidul has spent a lot of time evaluating both technologies and equipment that are available in relation to RAS in the market.



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