AquaMaof to double workforce by next year

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Land-based salmon farming tech company expecting to grow to more than 165 employees by the end of 2020.

In a press release, AquaMaof Aquaculture Technologies writes that it is strengthening its Technology, R&D, Engineering, Project Management, Customer Support, and Purchasing departments.

The company’s tech is behind a global roll out of land-based salmon farms that are being planned around the world with the global asset management company 8F Asset Management. 

The growth is also backed by two operational R&D centers (in Israel and Poland) and dozens of AquaMaof partners, advisors and subcontractors operating around the globe, it wrote.

In May, the company said that it had closed more than EUR 206.5 million in deals involving work on more than a dozen facilities worldwide.

“With 10 ongoing projects in different stages, and with a similar number of projects expected to begin in 2020, it’s very important for us to be prepared for the volume of operations ahead of us. For this reason, we are bringing in more top professionals to the team, and making sure our skilled staff is properly trained for when projects kick-off. We are also carefully selecting the projects we get involved with and only choosing the ones that are most likely to achieve the best results for our customers,” said AquaMaof CEO David Hazut.

“We are really excited about all of the new developments to come in 2020, and we are confident that we are building a very strong team to support our continuous growth and maintain the same level of personalized attention and excellent service and support that we have been providing our partners with,” he added.

(L-R) VP of people and methods Tamar Regev, and VP of strategy and finance. Eli Amar. Photo: AquaMaof

Joining the team is New VP of Strategy & Finance, former Adama Agricultural solutions, Eli Amar. Prior to joining AquaMaof, Amar held a key position at crop protection giant Adama Agricultural Solutions, where he worked on multiple transactions such as the group’s USD 3.7bn merger with ChemChina, China’s largest chemical manufacturer. He was also involved in several key M&A transactions at Bear Stearns & Co.

Tamar Regev joins the company as New VP of People & Methods. Regev has over 20 years of experience in HR management within various companies, among them Cellcom, an Israeli communications group and Clal Insurance, a leading insurance and pension company. She also worked at The Colmobil Group, the largest motor representation company in the country, representing four brands: Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Mitsubishi Motors and Hyundai.


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