AquaOptima and Vikan Settefisk cooperate to build new RAS smolt plant

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Will be ready in autumn 2019.

AquaOptima and Vikan Settefisk signed an agreement this week to build a new smolt plant to the west of Trondheim, Norway. The groundwork is almost completed and the “compact and economic” site will be ready in the autumn of 2019.

“We predict that smolt production plants will be hugely important for the industry in the future, and we want to be in the forefront of development.” said Børge Søraas, CEO of RAS supplier.

Video of the Turn-key RAS-facility from Aqua Optima

The RAS plant in will be with a mix of salmon and trout production in seawater, with each species in different departments. Investment in the plant cost EUR 14.7 million.

AquaOptima’s Børge Søraas

The plant will be 7,000 cubic meters in fish volume and have a capacity of 3.2 million smolts per year.

Boost for the future
The RAS plant also has technology to prevent the collection of organic matter to avoid avoiding hydrogen sulfide related mortalities.

“We are working closely with AquaOptima. In the start-up phase, they will contribute with a training team, because much of this is new to us,” said Frode Reppe, founder of smolt producer, Vikan Settefisk, who described the project as a necessary boost for the future.

“For us, this is a win or a wreck situation. To participate in the smolt side of the industry, we need to have larger volumes and bigger fish. It provides increased flexibility at the time of submission and enables us to deliver when the customer wishes,” added Reppe.


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