Aquaponic land-based salmon farmer to boost production by 844 %

A successful year in land-based fish farming prompts Wisconsin’s Superior Fresh to go into overdrive.

On a post on LinkedIn, Superior Fresh – one of the world’s largest aquaponics facilities – announced that it is to boost production of Atlantic salmon within 24 months- from 72 tonnes to 680 tonnes.

“One year ago, we introduced the first land-based Atlantic salmon to the commercial market. Over the past 12 months, we’ve raised 160,000 pounds of chemical-free Atlantic salmon rich in Omega-3s. Within 24 months, we’re set to bump that total up to 1.5 MILLION pounds per year! We don’t wait around for someone else to set the bar, we keep raising it ourselves,” the company wrote.

Raised indoors in a recirculating aquaculture system and situated on a 720-acre in the Coulee Region of Wisconsin, USA, Superior Fresh produces salmon which are sold by Festival Foods. Last year, the latter said that they were the first retailer in the nation to carry commercially grown Atlantic salmon raised on U.S. soil.

The hydroponic set up also produces 20,000 heads of lettuce every day.


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