AquaShip sent newly built floating processor to Scotland

editorial staff

The latest addition to the AquaShip fleet has been taken over and put into operation.

The ship has been named “Aqua Mist”, and was taken over in Kristiansund, Norway, this summer. “Aqua Mist” has sailed to Scotland with Captain Martin Hay at the helm, and started work on a long-term contract as a harvesting boat (floating processor).

“Aqua Mist” is 26 meters long and ten meters wide, with a loading capacity of 140 tonnes of bled fish, distributed on four RSW (Refrigerated Sea Water) tanks. In the process, all waste and residues from the harvesting are collected in separate waste tanks for disposal on land, while the cooled fish is unloaded and processed at land facilities for further distribution to customers, according to a press release.

The boat is built at Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted, and is equipped with Caterpillar C32 736 kW main engine.

With the acquisition of “Aqua Mist”, the AquaShip group is up to a fleet size of 31 vessels.

The AquaShip Group provides maritime services to the aquaculture industry within all four large segments; Well boats, fish feed transport, service boats and slaughter boats. The company has operations in Norway, Scotland, Iceland, Ireland, Chile, Canada and Shetland, and has contracts with many of the world’s leading production companies.


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