Arnarlax suffers mortalities under Icelandic storm

Owen Evans & Aslak Berge

Silage vessels on site and are also en route.

On Monday, SalmonBusiness reported that demanding weather conditions present challenges for Iceland’s Arnarlax. At the time it was reported that purse seiner “Sighvatur Bjarnason” was pumping dead fish from the salmon cages in Arnafjordur, on the Icelandic west coast.

The “Norwegian Gannet” was also en route to harvest fish.

There are now media reports that the mortality may be higher than the previously estimated 100 tonnes. According to Stundin, losses are now confirmed at 470 tonnes.

Winds are expected to exceed 30 m/s on Friday night.

“Hordafor IV” sailing route. Source: Marine Traffic

More ships are arriving at the site – amongst them is the Norwegian silage vessel “Hordafor VI”. “Hordafor VI” has not arrived in Iceland yet, according to Marine Traffic. Hordafor CEO Siv Østervold confirmed that the vessel is collecting silage for Arnarlax.

Arnarlax chairman Kjartan Olafsson told SalmonBusiness he does not want to comment on the case, except that the company maintains guiding for a harvest volume of 10,000 tonnes this year.


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