Around 40 COVID-19 cases traced back to San Francisco wholesale fish distributor

editorial staff

Cluster of cases began at Lusamerica Foods.

Health officials in California have traced 40 COVID-19 cases back to the San Francisco wholesale fish distributor Lusamerica Foods, reports Mercury News.

Lusamerica Foods processes and sells a range of products, including wild and farmed salmon under its “Tasty Catch” brand.

The business, which has been around since 1975, has a plant in Morgan Hill, with 65,000 square feet of space for seafood processing and distribution. The overall workforce is around 250 people.

The publication reported that the spouse of an employee at the plant was hospitalised with COVID-19 several weeks ago, prompting the employee to get tested. The company notified employees in contact with that worker, she said, and with county help tested all employees “and identified 38 more people who were positive from the company.”

Officials said that there has been no deaths associated with the outbreak. The company did not say if any employees had been hospitalised.


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