Artic Group use chemical-free delousing system on service vessel

editorial staff

Shipping company upgrades its service vessel “Artic Sea Service”.

The boat from shipping company Artic Group is already equipped with a delousing system from FLS (Flatsetsund Engineering) and is currently installing a newly developed system, where all pump water is sucked back and treated on board. This suction ensures that all lice are collected in the filter, even those who fall off on the way out of the system.

The work is being done at Averøy, Norway, in close collaboration with FLS. The boat is expected to be operational again in three weeks.

Artic has been handling fish with non-drug methods (IMM) since 2015, first on a fixed TC contract in Norway and now on a fixed TC contract in Scotland.

The company has developed a high level of expertise on delousing with the use of FLS’s debugging system. The FLS system is a sustainable, efficient and gentle debugging method, with documented good results on the fish.

Artic Group CEO Rune Førde said he had great faith in delousing with only the use of seawater that is not affected by either chemicals or temperature.

“We also believe that FLS’s upgraded flushing system provides very good fish welfare and efficient removal of salmon lice. With new lice collector and lice filter, this plant is now complete,” said Førde.

Fleet renewal
The Artic Group introduced bulk transport of fish feed via several of its newbuilds from 2003 to 2016 but sold out its fish feed freight in 2018.

The Artic Group will now, based on new agreements and accumulated expertise, start renewing and increasing its fleet, within service boats and well boats, mainly via multifunctional new boats. The new vessels are a completely new Arctic concept.


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