As “Christine” is sold to AquaShip, the eighteen year old wellboat prepares for the next mission

Stian Olsen

The wellboat will go on a long term contract in Chile after a delousing system has been installed.

“Christine”, which was built in 2001, was until recently on a long-term contract with Grieg Seafood in Northern Norway. This contract ended on December 31, confirmed Grieg Seafood to SalmonBusiness.

According to public relations officer in Grieg Seafood, Roger Pedersen, the company has entered into a framework agreement with the wellboat company Rostein to replace “Christine”.

Intership has had the operational responsibility for the 44-meter long wellboat, while it has been in operation in the north. The boat has a load capacity of 700 cubic meters.

AquaShip has now bought the boat from an investment company located in Western Norway. “Christine” must first be fitted with a delousing system, and after that, it will be operating in Chile, wrote Norwegian regional newspaper, Tidens Krav.

“In Chile, the task of the wellboat will probably be mainly delousing operations, but the boat can also perform traditional wellboat tasks when it is needed outside of the lice season,” said AquaShip CEO, Sverre Christian Taknes.

In July last year, Gripship teamed up with Johnson Marine and formed the company AquaShip. In October of the same year, the wellboat giant bought the feed transporter Artic Shipping.

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