Atlantic Sapphire: “1.6 million salmon in the Bluehouse as of now”

Another milestone week for what will be the world’s indoor largest salmon farm.

Last year, the Miami-based indoor salmon farm put the first 400,000 eggs into its hatchery. In February, the company moved its first two commercial batches of salmon from hatchery to brand new start-feeding unit.

PHOTO Atlantic Sapphire

Over the weekend, Atlantic Sapphire CEO Johan Andreassen posted on LinkedIn that he was celebrating how many fish were now on site:

“The first batch of salmon was moved to the third department, which is parr. In addition, the third batch of eggs arrived and were stocked into hatchery. 1.6 million salmon in the Bluehouse as of now!” wrote Andreassen.

The Miami Bluehouse – Atlantic Sapphire’s 90 thousand tonnes a year production facility currently under development – remains on course to deliver its first harvest in the third quarter of 2020.


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