Atlantic Sapphire adjusts sales strategy due to COVID-19

Katrina Poulsen

Launching their Bluehouse salmon in the midst of the COVID-19 is not without concerns. The Oslo Stock Exchange-listed land-based farmer modifies sales strategy to be sure to reach costumers.

“We have adjusted a bit the sales plan and are gearing to sell more into retail,” said Damien Claire, EVP Offtake for US market and president of Platina Seafood, to SalmonBusiness.

Atlantic Sapphire is though counting on the foodservice in especially The United States, to be able to buy up their products, when they launch their land-grown salmon.

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“We do expect for the foodservice segment to start picking up again starting in June and into the end of Q3 and have solid partnerships for foodservice sales when restaurants start to re-open,” he said.

Damien Claire believes they will be able to reach full production of 10,000 tonnes of salmon capacity per year before the end of 2020.

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When it comes to costumers the company has not stated exactly, who they are planning to partner with, but Whole Foods is an expected partnership. The company has also said, they have looked into partnering with the US military, a force that is combined estimated to be of 1.3 million active-duty personnel.


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