Atlantic Sapphire aim to provide half of the US’ salmon by 2030

220,000 tonne goal revealed in financial presentation.

Hot of the news that land-based salmon farmers Atlantic Sapphire raised USD 90 million in just 29 minutes in stock sale the company have now revealed a huge boost in production.

The majority of the net proceeds from the Private Placement will be used to advance the build-out of the next phase of the company’s US-based facility in Miami.

The land-based pionneers are set to boost production Graph: Atlantic Sapphire

In its presentation sent in a statement to the Oslo stock yesterday the salmon farmer wrote that it’s long term annual harvest volume plan at its Miami site has increased to 220,000 tonnes – from 90,000 tonnes.

Short term, by 2022, it expects to accelerate from 10,000 tonnes in 2022 to 23,000 tonnes.

In 2017, the US market was consuming about 400,000 tonnes of salmon a year. Chile – the country’s main current provider – exported 156.3 thousand tonnes of fish in 2018.


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