Atlantic Sapphire chooses US water engineers to replace RAS operators Billund

Land-based salmon farmer says it’s work in-house and with Hazen and Sawyer for phase 2.

On Thursday afternoon, it was reported that the land-based fish farmer Atlantic Sapphire had terminated its agreement with equipment supplier Billund Aquaculture, which management quickly blamed for the alleged design error that is alleged to have caused the loss of 500 tonnes of salmon on March 23.

Atlantic Sapphire co-founder Johan E. Andreassen told SalmonBusiness that the work will now continue “in house and with Hazen & Sawyer”.

Set up in 1952, Hazen & Sawyer is a firm that focuses on safe drinking water and controlling water pollution. On its site, the company writes that it has acted as construction manager on over USD 5 billion worth of recent projects. For example, Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department used its services for a large wastewater project. However, it is not clear if the company has worked on any large-scale, land-based fish farming sites.

Billund COO & Business & Development Manager Bjarne Hald Olsen told SalmonBusiness that the company is still waiting for more information on the incident matter.

“We are aware of Atlantic Sapphire’s preliminary conclusion as to the root cause of the incident 23rd March. We have met with the customer once after the incident but have not yet received the necessary data to further comment on this matter,” said Olsen.

“Billund has successfully installed more than 500 RAS-modules world-wide, and will continue developing the technology further together with existing and new customers and we are aware of the fact that Atlantic Sapphire has initiated phase 2 by themselves,” added Olsen.

According to a flagging message Tuesday morning, funds managed by investment bank DNB Asset Management sold, on 19 April, 266,355 shares in the land-based salmon farmer Atlantic Sapphire. That means, it is now below the 5 per-cent flagging limit.

Atlantic Sapphire’s share price fell 4.3 per-cent at Tuesday lunchtime.


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