Atlantic Sapphire exploring options to build its own feed factory

Aslak Berge

Land-based salmon farmer will produce the feed themselves, or in collaboration with others.

Atlantic Sapphire has put fish in their tanks and is in full farming operation. Over the course of seven to eight years, they will increase production from zero to 90,000 tonnes.

That requires a lot of fish feed.

Shipped in
In tropical Florida, there are no nearby feed factories. This means feed must be collected from other production regions. Today it was shipped to West Palm Beach. From there, feed bags are sent in trucks to the facility, which is an hour drive from Miami.

Today, Skretting is the company’s feed supplier in the US.

The salmon farmer is looking at ways they can feed thousands of tonnes of fish PHOTO: Aslak Berge

“We use BioMar in Denmark, but they do not have a feed plant in North America,” said Atlantic Sapphire chairman and CEO of Atlantic Sapphire Johan E. Andreassen to SalmonBusiness.

However, Andreassen does not hide the fact that his own feed production may become relevant. It will definitely make logistics much easier for them.

“On-site feed production is relevant,” he said. “It could be in a joint venture with a feed supplier or on our own balance sheet,” he added.

He estimates an annual salmon production of 40-50,000 tonnes as the critical mass. Then, truck traffic per day becomes so extensive that one is better off producing the feed itself near the fish farm.


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