Atlantic Sapphire harvested 550 tonnes of salmon in the second quarter

Three months characterized by «risk reduction and risk-reducing measures».

In a trading update for the second quarter of the year, Atlantic Sapphire states that it has harvested 300 tonnes in the USA and 250 tonnes in Denmark. The sales price achieved was 11 dollars and 38 Danish kroner per kilo, respectively.

The company further states that it has achieved a biomass gain of 700 tonnes in the USA and 200 tonnes in Denmark.

“As described in the Company’s update presentation published on June 3, feeding was reduced in the US during Q2 to focus on risk reduction and the implementation of risk mitigation measures. Harvest volumes were also reduced during Q2 to optimize the harvestable biomass for 2021. The product quality and price achievement has improved, driven by higher harvest weights and fewer downgrades as a result of maturation”, Atlantic Sapphire wrote in the statement.

In Denmark, the two lead batches that have negatively impacted biomass gain in the first half of 2021 have been harvested out as of June 30.

The company’s interim financial statements for the period ended June 30 will be released on August 27. The company also expects to release an update on its strategic approach for future expansions in the US beyond Phase 2 in the second half of 2021.


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