Atlantic Sapphire insider buys shares for €256,000

Stian Olsen

Atlantic Sapphire Board member and primary insider Alexander Reus has acquired 27,700 shares in the company in the last couple of days.

This was reported in two separate Oslo Stock Exchange announcements.

Alexander Reus. Photo: LinkedIn

On Monday, Reus acquired 17,700 shares at an average price of NOK 102.66. On Tuesday afternoon, he followed up by buying 10,000 shares at an average price of NOK 100.78. In total, he has traded shares for around NOK 2.8 million (EUR 0.2 million) in these two days.

After Tuesday’s announcement, Reus holds 1,581,051 shares in Atlantic Sapphire, equivalent to two-per-cent of outstanding shares in the land-based salmon farmer.

In September, Atlantic Sapphire carried out the first commercial harvest at the company’s facilities in Miami.


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