Atlantic Sapphire move first two commercial batches of salmon from hatchery to brand new start-feeding unit

Atlantic Sapphire is currently building the world’s largest land-based salmon farm in Miami, USA.

Two months after the Miami-based indoor salmon farm geared up to put the first 400,000 eggs into its hatchery, the Miami Bluehouse celebrated another milestone.

Billund Aquaculture’s founder and chairman Christian Sørensen was the first person to give feed to the company’s newborns PHOTO Miami Sapphire

In a post on Linkedin, CEO Johan Andreassen announced:

“Today we moved the first two commercial batches of salmon from our hatchery to our brand new start feeding unit. This happened after a tremendous effort from our entire team and partners. Special thanks to our partner Billund Aquaculture, here represented by founder and chairman Christian Sørensen that was the first one to give feed to our newborns. These fish are swimming in crystal clear purified water from the Biscayne Aquifer.

“Blue Is The New Green!” he added.

In January, SalmonBusiness wrote that Atlantic Sapphire was priced at more than more than EUR 500 million after a new stock exchange, with Andreassen announcing that he believed that from mid-2020, the entire group would be “cash positive”.


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