Atlantic Sapphire gearing up to put first 400,000 eggs in huge Miami indoor salmon farm

editorial staff

An important milestone for the company.

“These parties are the first commercial scale volumes with salmon eggs ever introduced in the state of Florida,” the company wrote in a stock market announcement.

Another 400,000 eggs will be added next week.

The company states that it is on track to harvest 9,500 tonnes of annual output from the plant by mid 2020.

Atlantic Sapphire said it has completed its first 90-day onsite hatchery trial last week at its site near Miami, Florida, and “has validated water quality and local conditions.”

The Norwegian company, now publicly traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange, issued an update to investors late last week that shows it’s planning to introduce 800,000 eggs to its hatchery – and remains on course to deliver its first harvest in the third quarter of 2020.

Once the entire plant is completed, it will be able to produce 90,000 tonnes of salmon each year.


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