Australis to sink $70Mn into farms and plant


Chilean grower, Australis, has announced plans to invest USD 70 million in processing facilities and a new farm in the country’s salmon-growing Magallanes Region.

Australis joins Blumar and Salmones Multiexport among those with recently announced plans in the region, writes newspaper El Mercurio. The area is already home to Austral, Salmones Magallanes and Cermaq.

The environmental impact assessment filed indicated a processing plant for 78,280 tonnes of “raw material” per year and facilities to process and distribute fish. The detail suggests an integrated operation of farm, primary and secondary processing plant.

However, there’s ambition in planning detail that comprises liquid-waste treatment; pipelines for the return of primary effluent; a seawater pipeline for producing fish and offices.

The company expects to start building the new plant in July 2019.

Judging by the news report posted on Spanish-language, Aqua, 2018 could see Blumar place smolt in new production facilities. Those fish would be market-ready in 2020.


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