Authorities called out to rescue beached wellboat and crew

editorial staff

The “Forseti” ran into trouble in the San Pedro Channel, south of the municipality of Quellón, southern Chile.

Map: Marinetraffic

Club de Emergencias Décima Región reports that Navy personel have been called out to monitor a beached wellboat and to prevent contamination in the area.

It is not yet known why the vessel was beached. Photos show the vessel – which was built in 2009 and has capacity is 1049 tonnes – dipped into the water.

According to Sernapesca, the vessel belongs to Pesquera Friosur and also harvests salmon for Mowi, Río Dulce, Salmones Cailin and Surproceso.

The “Forseti” was without load at the time.

Authorities were called out at 18:00 on Tuesday, February 18 when the wellboat struggled. Its eleven crew members were unharmed and no damage was recorded to its fuel tanks. A team of divers, who also used a ROV robot, are inspecting to see if there are any further underwater damages.