Authorities declare “infected zone” at ISA hit salmon farm site

editorial staff

Sernapesca says infected area will be surveilled for at least two years.

Aqua reports that Chile’s National fisheries and aquaculture service Sernapesca has declared a site an “infected area” where a case of the ISA (Infectious Salmon Anemia) virus was confirmed last month.

Back then, authorities wrote that a diagnostic test had come back positive for the virus at a salmon farm owned by Cultivos Yadran in Chile’s Aysén region, but they needed to do more tests.

The “infected area” designation shall remain so for three months after the complete disinfection of two Yadran sites, and after all the fish have been removed and/or harvested. It will then be moved to a surveillance area for at least two years.

Cultivos Yadran produces around 55,000 tonnes of salmon a year.


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