Authorities file complaint over Blumar’s storm-ravaged site

editorial staff

Authorities have also ordered salmon farmer to come up with new plan to monitor and remove dead fish.

In August, a Blumar site in Chile, which contained up to 875,144 salmon, was hit by a storm in late June.

The cages are now 295m beneath the waves (containing 2,900 tonnes of salmon) but Blumar’s salvage plan has been criticised by fishing and aquaculture authority Sernapesca

Sernapesca’s National Director Alicia Gallardo writes that it has also issued a complaint as reported facts “were mainly related to the lack of timely implementation of the company’s contingency action plans and possible breaches by the owner” regarding the duty to maintain the security conditions of the site.

Authorities said that Salmones Blumar presented a plan for the withdrawal of structures and mortality extraction, as requested by Sernapesca, which was rejected.

Blumar now has 30 days to come up with an extensive plan of how it will remove all mortality from the seabed. This means daily monitoring of PH, temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen and % oxygen saturation, among other actions.


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