Authorities issue Invermar with provisional measures over salmon mortality mismanagement

Chile’s environmental superintendency (SMA) places measures to avoid possible damage to the environment as well as to workers’ health.

Soy Chile reports that the SMA has issued provisional measures to Invermar’s Yatac farming site located in the Caleta Laitec sector of Quellón, Chiloé, with the objective of facing the situation of environmental risk.

On May 31st, SalmonBusiness reported that the Chilean Fisheries Directorate Sernapesca detected bad practices in the management of dead salmon during an inspection at the site. The mass mortality was not reported in advance.

At the time, Sernapesca inspectors detected the presence of large sacks with dead salmon, contrary to what the protocol indicates, exposing the rest of the fish and the personnel to risk.

In light of this, the SMA estimated that there could be a risk of dissemination of organic matter to the marine environment and for the health of the people working in the salmon farm.

Invermar must comply with the issued provisional measures in 15 working days. This includes:

  • The presentation of a contingency plan for the extraction, management, treatment, and disposal of mortalities. This should take into account the transfer of waste to the final destination, which must be carried out in authorised transport companies.
  • A record every time the extraction of mortalities is carried out, by means of photographs and underwater recording. It must and inform Sernapesca when doing this.
  • Arrange for these mortalities to be disposed of in an authorised place.
  • And to present a final report on the entire process.

SalmonBusiness had contacted Invermar for comment and to find out the exact number of dead salmon (which is at yet unknown).


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