Authorities issues fines after half of New Zealand King Salmon’s site failed to meet environmental standards

editorial staff

But salmon farmer disagrees with results that indicate five out of nine were sites were found to be non-compliant.

RNZ reports that New Zealand King Salmon has been issued two fines and a warning after its sites failed to meet environmental standards. The main areas of non-compliance were seabed enrichment.

Cawthron Institute’s inspection of New Zealand King Salmon’s farms found five out of nine were non-compliant. Cawthron is the country’s largest independent science organisation specialising in aquaculture.

One farm in Pelorus Sound’s Forsyth Bay was deemed “significantly non-compliant” due to pollution under its pens, caused by fish waste and uneaten fish food falling to the bed.

NZ King Salmon boss Grant Rosewarne told the publication that he was “concerned” by the results and then engaged the services of another company to take a more “thorough look”. He will present this to the council.

“We invested more money, hired a company to do a more thorough look, and we were found to be compliant, which we believe the salmon farms were at the time,” Rosewarne said.


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