Bacardi boss to head up whisky salmon feed company

editorial staff

Former Bacardi UK operations director Iain Lochhead has been appointed chief executive of Horizon Proteins.

Herald Scotland reports that Horizon Proteins, which transforms distilling co-products into salmon feed protein, has appointed Iain Lochhead as CEO.

Lochhead has over 20 years of experience in the whisky industry and was Bacardi UK’s operation director.

Nik Willoughby, who co-founded the biotech company with head of research and development Jane White, will move from the chief executive post to become chief technology officer.

PHOTO: Horizon Proteins

According to Horizon Proteins, every year, the malt whisky industry in Scotland produces around three billion litres of pot ale. With this, it can transform pot ale, liquid residue left over from the whisky-making process into a salmon feed alternative to fish meal and soya bean.

The company has undergone three large-scale industrial trials.

The publication reported that Horizon is in the “early stages of planning and construction” of its first facility on Speyside, the biggest whisky-producing region in Scotland, scheduled to be operational in early 2022.


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