Bakkafrost feed barge sinks in Scotland

Editorial Staff

The salmon at the site were not affected, and were relocated.

A feed barge owned by Bakkafrost Scotland sank in Loch Fyne during a storm on November 22.

The incident occurred at the company’s Gob a Bharra site, with no personnel on board at the time.

A Bakkafrost Scotland spokesperson said: “Bakkafrost Scotland can confirm that during a period of poor weather, one of our small feed barges at our Gob a Bharra site, Loch Fyne, sank on Wednesday 22 November.”

“Since then, we have completed the removal of all materials from the vessel to minimise any potential impact.

“Recovery plans are currently being developed to arrange for the barge to be lifted. There were no staff on the barge at the time of the incident, and there has been no impact on the salmon on site which were quickly relocated.”

Efforts have been made to remove materials from the sunken vessel to minimize environmental impact, and plans are underway for its recovery.

The salmon at the site were not affected, having been promptly relocated.

This event follows a similar incident two years ago involving another Bakkafrost barge off the Isle of Skye after which authorities were forced toimpose an exclusion zone around the sunken barge over concerns about potentially toxic gases.

Potentially toxic gas leaks from sunken salmon feed barge near Scottish coast


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