Bakkafrost identifies site for offshore farming

But it’s a long way off.

Like many other salmon farmers, Bakkafrost has been affected by closing markets. But it was propped up by its flexible value chain.

The comments were made by Bakkafrost CFO Høgni Dahl Jakobsen who was speaking about offshore prospects on Tuesday’s SpareBank 1 Markets Seafood webinar.

Bakkafrost CFO Høgni Dahl Jakobsen. PHOTO: Bakkafrost

SalmonBusiness reported in 2019 that Bakkafrost (who now owns Scottish Salmon Company) was considering offshore salmon farms.

Offshore, Jakobsen added that Bakkafrost has identified a site on the eastern coast which was “sheltered from harsh weather”. For example,  there can be up to 12m high waves near the North Atlantic archipelago. The site is short sailing from Bakkafrost operations.

On land-based technology, the CFO stressed it was not new but being used differently and that it  “maximised the benefits of larger smolts”. Offshore was in its long term strategy.

By 2026, Bakkafrost will be increasing its production to 150,000 tonnes of salmon, he added.


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