Bakkafrost locked out of Russia

Editorial staff

The Russian Veterinary Authorities have confirmed that Faroese Bakkafrost’s fish are not welcome in Russia, writes KVF.

Both frozen and fresh salmon is prohibited until the Russian Veterinary Authorities have finished their investigations.

The reason behind being banned is that the Russians have found “unwanted bacteria” in the salmon from Bakkafrost.

According to Bakkafrost CEO Regin Jacobsen the lockout can cost between EUR 32 and 45 million in income this year.

It is still unknown how long the borders will be closed for the company.

Yesterday SalmonBusiness reported that the Russian Veterinary Authorities claim to have found crystal violet in Norwegian salmon, which has led to a total prohibition of all transport of salmon through Belarus throughout 2020.

Crystal violet is a drug that prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi and is illegal to use in food-production.

This was confirmed by The Norwegian Food Safety Authority.


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