Bakkafrost missing 220.000 salmon after severe storm

Fears of great escape after extreme weather.

It was Sunday evening that the Faroe Islands’ largest salmon farming company, Bakkafrost, reported that extreme weather had caused the company a loss of around a million fish with an average weight of 2.1 kilos.

The continuous storm, over five days, gave so much beating that it caused considerable mortality of the fish.

Bakkafrost has worked hard to remove dead fish in recent days. But it now turns out that the company cannot account for what happened to 220,000 salmon that were in two cages that were damaged in the storm, the Icelandic newspaper Stundin reports.

Bakkafrost has confirmed that 800,000 salmon were killed, and the company has collected these, but the company has no knowledge of 220,000 fish, according to replies from Regin Jacobsen, CEO of Bakkafrost, to Stundin.


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