Bakkafrost orders a 75 meter long feed barge

press release

Bakkafrost has entered into an agreement with JT Electric for the delivery of a 75 meter long feed barge to be used in salmon farming in the Faroe Islands.

The feed barge shall be firmly anchored and equipped with a feed storage with a capacity of 750 – 800 tonnes, and an automatic feedsystem developed by JT Electric.

The project involves the purchase and conversion of a bulk carrier to get a hull adapted to the more demanding location conditions in the Faroe Islands. The barge will be delivered to Bakkafrost during the next seven months.

“It is very important for us that Bakkafrost once again has chosen such a solution from us,” said Ólafur Thomsen, project manager at JT Electric.

“This motivates us to continue to improve our products and services.”

The reconstruction of the bulk carrier will be carried out on a shipyard in Poland, and JT Electric employees will lead the project.

“The feedsystem aboard the feed barge has been developed in close cooperation with the Faroese farmer. With their inspiration and expertise in the field, we believe that the system is competitive both in the Faroe Islands and abroad,” concluded Thomsen.