Bakkafrost signs contract with Nofitech to expand smolt hatchery

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Glyvradal hatchery on Faroe Islands is expected to increase production to 4 million smolt.

In a press release, Bakkafrost writes that it has signed an agreement with recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) technology company Nofitech to expand the Glyvradal smolt hatchery by 13.000 m3.

This is part of the company’s long-term investment plan.

The annual production of the Glyvradal hatchery is expected to increase to 4 million smolt, when the expansion project is completed.The expansion of the Glyvradal hatchery capacity is part of Bakkafrost’ s strategy to farm the salmon for a longer period on land. The goal is to reach an average smolt size of 500 grams and to reduce the farming period at sea down to 12 months by 2022.

From left: Geir Løvik, founder and Senior Project Manager at Nofitech, Robert Hundstad, CEO at Nofitech, Regin Jacobsen, CEO at Bakkafrost, Oyvindur Brimnes, consulting engineer, and Rúni Olsen, Fresh Water Manager at Bakkafrost. PHOTO: Bakkafrost

“With the expansion of the Glyvradal smolt hatchery, we are one step closer to achieving our overall goal to farm our salmon for a longer period on land”, said Bakkafrost CEO Regin Jacobsen. “This is part of our strategy to farm superior salmon in a sustainable way with minimal biological risk”.

Nofitech CEO Robert Hundstad said he was delighted with the partnership with the Faroese salmon farming company. “We are very excited and humbled that Bakkafrost has given us the opportunity to be in the lead of this visionary project and to be part of the exciting development in the industry of salmon farming”, said Hundstad.

Bakkafrost is currently also expanding three smolt hatcheries at Viðareiði and Norðtoftir by a total of 30,000 m3.


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